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InsideOut Group

insideoutWelcome to The Refinery’s InsideOut Groups! Below are a few questions we hope will encourage you to join an InsideOut Group!

What is an InsideOut group? It’s simply a casual meeting of a small group of people where we get to know, serve, and love the Lord and one another. The focus is devotion to God’s Word, fellowship, and living a missionally focused life. It’s how the early Christians did life together.

Why InsideOut groups? Small groups started with Moses and continued with the early Christian church. Jesus Christ lived in a small group, and if He needed a small group, so do you. The goal is to be fully devoted to Christ and strengthen His church.

Who attends InsideOut groups? Everyone is invited! We want everyone to grow closer to Christ with a group of people who can help each other achieve that goal. 

When do InsideOut groups meet? Usually, once every other week for about an hour and a half for 8-10 weeks, followed by a small break and then they start again focusing on a new topic.

Where do InsideOut groups meet? Groups meet at different times of the year and have different focuses.  Most meet at different houses around the area.

Where do I find out more information? Please feel free to contact our InsideOut Group Director, Louis D’Elia at  for more information and addresses of these groups!

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