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Fuel Kids Ministry


Welcome to Fuel Kids!  Where we are fueling kids on the power of God’s Word!  At The Refinery we want to empower the truth of God’s Word through teaching, seeing, and doing.  Our age appropriate lessons aim to meet children right from the beginning of their spiritual life.  Beginning with an introduction to the power of Jesus Christ, followed through with a decision of becoming a follower of Christ, through to the revelation of the power of the Holy Spirit, our kids not only gain knowledge of Christ, but learn to love and rely on Him throughout their entire lives.

Currently, we offer two classes. Nursery, for newborns to age 3 and our TRC Kids class for ages 4- grade 5. For more information contact

Pre-Covid Classes



Welcome to the Speedsters club!  Our Speedsters are joyfully curious and excited about learning about our living God.  Our classroom setting is fun, creative and educational.  Each lesson has a focus on a principle from the Bible or a story that is lasting, teaching truth and hope.  Our desire is for the Speedsters to leave this class with a grasp on the basic concepts of the living Word as well as feeling comfortable with praying with one another, and excited to learn
more about what the bible teaches.


Welcome to Octane!  Octane is fueled with fun, passion, and faith!  In Octane we succeed in establishing the Word of God as the tool of faith that should be relied upon for everything.  Our hope is that Octaners will leave this class knowing the Bible, understanding God’s love for us, and secure in their faith.  Each Sunday we study a principle or story from the Bible that helps us understand how God’s guidance can help us through any scenario.  We learn to use our faith in our schools, activities, and overall life. K-4rd grade.



In our nursery we are excited to show our precious Lovebugs that they are loved and special to all of us.  Through age appropriate activities and songs we show Lovebugs that God loves me and that He made all things including me!  We want to introduce the need for God in their lives by showing them the gentle nature of Jesus Christ.

Finish LineFinish Line

They are almost there, at the Finish Line!  This is a class for our 5th-8th graders who are ready to move on to a more in depth teaching of God’s Word.  This class is focused on applying the teaching and lessons they have grown up with, to their lives as upcoming youth.  This class is meant to be a transitional class for our kids who are getting ready to join The Refinery Youth and is taught by leaders from our youth group.

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